Address: Unit level 14(B) & 14 (C) Main office tower, Financial Park Labuan Complex, 
Jalan Merdeka, Federal Territory of Labuan, 87000, Malaysia
 Phone:+6087599272                             Fax: +6087599201

About Us


Investment and General Trading Services

  • Chemical Mine World Ltd is established on 10th June 2014 in Labuan bearing the Company Registration Number LL10768. Chemical Mine World Ltd is involved in the following business activities:
    Investment; and General Trading Services

  • The customer(s) and vendor(s) profiles of which Chemical Mine World Ltd is having business activities derived from European, South East Asia and Asia Pacific Region (Turkey, China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore). Therefore, by establishing an investment and trading services provider in Labuan were deemed to be of an ideal and strategic plan to cater to the needs of the existing and future client’s.
    Chemical Mine World Ltd aimed to be known as a reliable and trust worthy international trading partner; which offered comprehensive and economical trading services among the other market competitors.
    Embarking on global trading services in various quality commodities worldwide by conducting domestic and foreign trade relation in order to serve our respective customer(s) needs, demands by offering comprehensive services and to achieve or meet the expectation of the stakeholders.
    Part of the mission of Chemical Mine World Ltd is be to establish as solid foundation to be referred as a mother company or holding company in hope of near future business expansion majoring in various business sectors or opportunities under the registration of its subsidiaries companies.