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Gilsonite in continer  gilsonite packing shrink gilsonite Pallet gilsonite poly bag   gilsonite warped
GilsoniteJumbo bag Rock Natural Asphalt in truck  Gilsonite in continer

The Gilsonite " Natural Asphalt Natural Bitumen " is available according to customer requirements also according to customer label packing as the below:
1- 50 lb 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped
2- 25 kg 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped

Quantity Per Pallet: 35-40Bags
Quantity Per 20FCL: 16MT
Quantity Per 20FCL: 28MT
3- 650 Kg in Jumbo Bags
Quantity Per 20FCL: 16MT " 24 Jumbo "
Quantity Per 20FCL: 28-32MT " 48 Jumbo "