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PVC Waterproof Floor

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Histrong PVC floor is a 100% waterproof laminatefloor;it’s able to withst and challenging Humidity conditions.

Histrong PVC floor is a 100% waterproof laminate floor; it’s able to withstand challenging Humidity conditions. Histrong PVC floor is produced by using premium composite vinyl resin with a highly scratch-resistant to layer. Compare with wood floor, Histrong PVC floor does not swell or deform when in contact with water; and walking on PVC floor is much more pleasant than on a cold tiled floor. The real beauty is the waterproof characteristics of Histrong ECO-Friendly flooring wich can be cleaned easily with a damp floor cloth, just like a tiled floor without the dear of water damage.

1.UV Protection Coated Layer

Flooring treated by UV protection coating will increase the prevention of abrasion. It can withstand high temperature, anti-dust (easy to clean), maximizing the long life of Histrong ECO-Friendly Flooring.

2.Transparent Abrasion Layer

Transparent PVC layer is the core protection layer which affects directly the long life usage of Histrong ECO-Friendly Flooring.

3.Printed Material layer

Using of the top digital photographic technology to scan the real wood texture, which decodes the real wood, give an excellent real wood imitation.

4.Base layer

Main ingredient: PVC+Caco3, which supports the whole flooring balancing structure and meets the fore test regulation Class 1 according to BS476-7.